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Colorado Wedding Photographers, Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs

Colorado wedding photographers in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and all across Colorado.
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Local Colorado Wedding Photographers

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Holland Photo Arts | Anne and Bill Holland | Denver Wedding Photographer Holland Photo Arts
website | email | details-gallery | 866-774-8444
Home Location: Denver wedding photographer
Also Serving: Aspen, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Boulder, Worldwide
Description: Anne & Bill Holland artfully yet unobtrusively document weddings. Featuring all-natural, free-range, wedding cake-fed documentary photography. 100% organic. No additives or preservatives. Deliciously real, true emotion with every bite.
Style: Documentary with a strong emphasis on the real, natural moments between you both and your families.
Starting Price: $4900
Carl Bower Photographs | Denver wedding photographer Carl Bower Photographs
website | email | details-gallery | (202)577-5288
Address: 1330 Milwaukee St., Denver CO 80206 | map
Home Location: Denver wedding photographer
Also Serving: Boulder, Aspen, Vail, Colorado Springs, Nationwide.
Description: An experienced photojournalist and Pulitzer finalist, Carl Bower has been covering weddings for 15 years. Aside from the occasional group portrait, he has a strictly hands-off approach, relying on a quiet presence and easy-going demeanor to create intimate, revealing images.
Style: Sensitive, unobtrusive documentary coverage with focus on relationships and authenticity.
Starting Price: $3500
Dreamtime Images | Nathan Welton | Denver Wedding Photographer Dreamtime Images
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (970) 286-8351
Address: 410 Venner Ranch Road, Estes Park, Colorado 80517 | map
Home Location: Denver wedding photographer
Also Serving: Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs
Description: Dreamtime focuses on authentic connections between family and friends, and emphasizes the spontaneous, adventurous, humorous, and vivacious nature of our clients.
Style: Emotional, artful and hands-off photojournalism that will remind you of how much you are loved.
Starting Price: $4000
Megan Newton Photography | Denver Wedding Photographer Megan Newton Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (970) 405-7126
Address: 2975 Zenobia St., Denver Colorado 80212 | map
Home Location: Denver wedding photographer
Also Serving: Boulder, Colorado; Worldwide
Description: As a visual artist and photojournalist, Megan creates authentically stunning imagery. With sincerity and openness she approaches each couple, family, and assignment, documenting the intimate and unique moments of life.
Style: Wedding photojournalism. Editorial portraiture. Technically professional and consistent imagery.
Starting Price: $2800
More Colorado wedding photographers coming soon!

Other photographers who provide wedding photography in Colorado

R.J. Kern | Kern-Photo | Minneapolis wedding photographer Kern-Photo
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (303)474-0983
Home Location: Minneapolis wedding photography
Also Serving: Oahu, Denver
Description: By balancing emotion with dynamic energy, we approach your wedding with visual clarity and a thoughtful appreciation of light. We deliver clean, hip images with "fluid color" and a classic sense of composition through a photojournalistic eye.
Style: Fresh. Modern. Fun.
Starting Price: $3000
Keith Simonian Photography | San Francisco Napa Valley wedding photographer Keith Simonian Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (925) 418-4942
Home Location: San Francisco Bay Area - Napa Valley wedding photography
Also Serving: Monterey, Sacramento, Reno - Lake Tahoe, Central Coast, Newport Beach
Description: Timeless Memories - Unforgettable Photos. Your wedding day coverage will include candid moments, important details, unique portraits, and the beauty of the day.
Style: Both Wedding Photojournalism and Dynamic Portraiture
Starting Price: $2400
Morgan Razi | Morgan Lynn Photography | Houston, Texas wedding photographer Morgan Lynn Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (720)938.8818
Home Location: Houston wedding photographer
Also Serving: Also serving Colorado. Available to travel worldwide.
Description: Morgan Lynn Photography is based in Houston, Texas and available to travel worldwide.
Style: Morgan Lynn is an international award-winning, wedding photojournalist.
Starting Price: $4500
Jen & Shane Fellows | Acqua Photo | San Diego wedding photographer Acqua Photo
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (858)345-5582
Home Location: San Diego wedding photographer
Also Serving: Los Angeles, Southern California, Northern California, Las Vegas, United States, Worldwide Destinations
Description: Acqua Photo is a boutique photography studio specializing in wedding photojournalism and evocative fashion portraiture. We are a husband & wife team that provides wedding & fashion photography anywhere in the world.
Style: Wedding photojournalism with an evocative fashion influence.
Starting Price: $2800
Seth Jones | Desiree and Seth | Albuquerque New Mexico Wedding Photographer Desiree and Seth
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (505)890-7707
Home Location: Albuquerque wedding photography
Also Serving: Arizona, Texas, Colorado, France, Germany
Description: ...where do I begin? You want to more about us, just ask! We love life and love love!
Style: From Photojournalism to Neo-Romanticism. Each of our couples is different and so we blend our styles to match their personalities!
Starting Price: $2800
Erik Clausen | Erik Clausen | San Francisco Wedding Photographer Erik Clausen
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (469)831-1441
Home Location: San Francisco wedding photographer
Also Serving: Serving either US coast, and worldwide.
Description: As passionate about marriage as he is weddings, Erik's vision for wedding photography sets its sight on the passion and commitment of his clients, as much as the details of the wedding.
Style: Passionate. Intimate. Powerful.
Starting Price: $6000
Paul Roebuck | Unique Concepts Studio | Wynnewood, Pennsylvania wedding photographer Unique Concepts Studio
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (877) 519-0003
Home Location: Wynnewood, Pennsylvania wedding photographer
Also Serving: New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Denver, Colorado, Maryland, Washington DC, Ohio, Virginia, Canada
Description: "When Photography is your priority..."
Style: As photographers, we work with each client on a personal level to understand the desires for their images. We take the personal time and care to insure that each client receives quality service and products.
Starting Price: $3400
PlayaWeddings: Photography by Rachel Schrank | Playa del Carmen, Mexico wedding photographer PlayaWeddings: Photography by Rachel Schrank
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 928-328-1313
Home Location: Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico wedding photographer
Also Serving: Cancun, Tulum, all of Mexico. Nebraska, Colorado & Arizona, USA. Destination weddings worldwide.
Description: We are documentarians at heart. In the spirit of that tradition, we find poetry in your wedding day while still staying true to reality. We love seeing people at their happiest! Photo, Video & Super8 film.
Style: Photojournalism with a creative, auteurist twist. Expressive, relaxed portraits. Exciting, dramatic portraits! Color, color and more color! Special attention to land, sea, and skyscapes. Fun encouraged :)
Starting Price: $2500
Talitha A. Tarro Photography | Albuquerque New Mexico Wedding Photographer Talitha A. Tarro Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (505) 264-7123
Address: 714 Tijeras Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 | map
Home Location: Albuquerque wedding photography
Also Serving: Colorado
Description: Driven to create crisp, colorful, and creative images.
Style: Playful but professional - modern yet traditional - photojournalism with an artistic flair.
Starting Price: $1900
Daniel Moyer Photography | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding photographer Daniel Moyer Photography
website | blogemail | details-gallery | (610) 462-9392
Home Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wedding photographer
Also Serving: New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, California, around the United States and abroad.
Description: When my couples realize that I share all of their excitement, that's when the best photographs are created - the beautiful ones you would expect and the extraordinary ones you have never dreamed of.
Style: Lively, creative, and artistic storytelling images emphasizing the quiet private moments, just as much as the grand public ones - from an incredibly personal view.
Starting Price: $3400
Lauren Brimhall Photography | Atlantic City Wedding Photographer Lauren Brimhall Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (303) 905-6572
Home Location: Atlantic City wedding photographer
Also Serving: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wilmington, New York City
Description: Lauren Brimhall Photography is a husband/wife photography team. We believe great wedding photography is achieved with a sense of humor, great lighting, and a fun/relaxed relationship between photographer and client.
Style: Lauren Brimhall Photography specializes in capturing genuine moments through storytelling images that will set your wedding collection apart from others.
Starting Price: $3000
Joseph West Photography | Houston, Texas Wedding Photographer Joseph West Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (832) 347-2972
Home Location: Houston, Texas wedding photographer
Also Serving: San Francisco, California
Description: Top Texas wedding photographer, Joseph West, finds beauty everywhere he goes, and composes it with his camera to touch your heart and tell your story.
Style: His work is soulful, a little bit sexy and highly creative, filled with moody, mesmerizing black and white images and elegant, editorial style photographs.
Starting Price: $4200
Wirken Photography | Tyler Wirken | Kansas City, Missouri wedding photographer Wirken Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 816-582-8954
Home Location: Kansas City, Missouri wedding photographer
Also Serving: St.Louis, Chicago, Colorado, Mexico and worldwide
Description: Wirken Photography and Wirken Films are a collection of photographers and filmmakers passionate about telling the story of people’s lives in a photo journalistic way. We are based out of Kansas City but travel to any destination.
Style: Wedding photography for those not wanting wedding photography.
Starting Price: $3700
More wedding photographers coming soon!
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