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South Korea Wedding Photographers, Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu

Wedding photography in South Korea, Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu.
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Local South Korea Wedding Photographers

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Other photographers who provide wedding photography in South Korea

Anton Chia | Singapore wedding photographer Anton Chia Wedding Photographers
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +65 9172 5811
Home Location: Singapore wedding photographer
Also Serving: International - Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam
Description: Contemporary Wedding Photography
Style: Modern fusion between wedding photojournalism and timeless art portraits.
Starting Price: 2800 SGD
Kevin Lee Studio | Los Angeles wedding photographer Kevin Lee Studio
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (323) 251-6531
Address: 300 South Raymond Ave., Suite 15, Pasadena, CA 91105 | map
Home Location: Los Angeles, California wedding photographer
Also Serving: Serving any location in the world
Description: Kevin graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography. He applies commercial lighting techniques to wedding photography creating an exciting edge to wedding photographs. His final photos are both dynamic and one-of-a-kind.
Style: Journalistic, Emotional, Classic, Artistic, Variable Effects for Highlights Editing
Starting Price: $3500
CastroImage | Castro Wang | Hangzhou, China wedding photographer CastroImage
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | 0086-13858119629
Home Location: Hangzhou, China wedding photographer
Also Serving: Anywhere you like.
Description: Served in the Navy for over ten years and recorded his first wedding in 1999 by film, good at capturing your moments with profound meaning and sensible stories. Winner of the WPJA contest.
Style: We tell your story with genuine emotions in our own style - genuine.
Starting Price: 6000 CNY
lovedezign photography | Khingleaw Pensomboon | Bangkok, Thailand wedding photographer lovedezign photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 66 0818033655
Home Location: Bangkok, Thailand wedding photographer
Also Serving: Krabi, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Chiangmai, Bali, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong
Description: Lovedezign photography produces distinct, creative reportage style wedding photography for customers throughout Thailand and Asia in a style that is particularly personal and thought provoking.
Style: A mixture of storytelling, photojournalist, fun, fresh, emotional and elegance.
Starting Price: $2000
DeDe | Deng Jie | Chongqing, China wedding photographer DeDe
websiteemail | details-gallery | 86-13618393700
Home Location: Chongqing, China wedding photographer
Also Serving: Beijing, Shanghai, HongKong, Guangdong
Description: Make Pictures for the wedding people, keep the moment forever.
Style: Nikon D3s,28 1.8G,50 1.4G,85 1.8G,14-24 2.8G
Starting Price: 2480 RMB
BYPHOTO | Bai Gang | Taiyuan, China wedding photographer BYPHOTO
websiteemail | details-gallery | +86 18634349797
Home Location: Taiyuan, China wedding photographer
Also Serving: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, etc.
Description: We like to find smiling and people's emotions, which can sometimes be found hidden in the corner of their eye or a tender gesture. I believe those pictures are so important for someone.
Style: We like to find smiling and people's emotions, which can sometimes be found hidden in the corner of their eye or a tender gesture. I believe those pictures are so important for someone.
Starting Price: 3000 RMB
JAYLIM STUDIO | New York wedding photographer JAYLIM STUDIO
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 516-333-0769
Home Location: New York City, NY wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide/Any Destinations
Description: I am an enthusiast for capturing moments that tell a significant story. I believe in approaching relationships and emotions through unobtrusive photojournalism with a touch of exciting fashion flare portraits.
Style: Creative photojournalism
Starting Price: $3400
Josef Hong Photography | Düsseldorf, Germany wedding photographer Josef Hong Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +49176-41574788
Address: Kluser Platz 4, Wuppertal, NRW 42103, Germany
Home Location: Düsseldorf, Germany wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide destinations
Description: Josef Hong is an international award winning photographer, specialized on wedding photography.
Style: Photojournalistic style, emphasizing 'the moment', creative portraits.
Starting Price: €1400
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